How Do I Treat Moisture In The Crawl Space?

If you have high moisture in the crawl space, it’s only a matter of time before your crawl space fails and causes trouble. If you’re searching for crawl space moisture solutions, then you’re likely already experiencing the affects. But what’s the solution? How can we fix high crawl space moisture?

First, what’s causing the high moisture? If you don’t have an encapsulated crawl space, it’s likely exposure to the outside air that’s causing your high moisture. If the crawl space is not completely sealed off from the outside environment, moisture will be able to get in. The only way to solve your moisture issue is by sealing the crawl space off from the outside.

The first step to solving your crawl space moisture is sealing the crawl space. You’ll need to add crawl space vapor barriers to your crawl space floor and crawl space foundation. Since vapor barriers come in a wide range of sizes,you’ll need to determine the appropriate vapor barrier size for your crawl space.

Here’s some more DIY Crawl Space Insulation Tips

Also known as crawl space liners, two of the most commonly used vapor barrier sizes is the 20 mil liner and 12 mil liner. The 12 mil vapor barrier is commonly used on the foundation wall while the 20 mil is a popular choice for the floor. While there’s a number of vapor barriers available, I prefer to stick with what I know and use. Look, quality matters, you want a good quality vapor barrier and you don’t want to be encapsulating your crawl space again in a few years. Some of the brands i use, trust and recommend are the SilverBack, DiamondBack and GuardianLiner.

Foundation vents must be sealed. It makes no difference if the vent opens or closes correctly, you still need to seal them up in order to keep moisture out of your crawl space.

Once your liners are down and the crawl space is sealed, you still need a dehumidifier in your crawl space to capture moisture.

As long as you correctly encapsulate your crawl space and add a dehumidifier, you should be able to keep the moisture level way below 50 percent. Remember the purpose of the crawl space dehumidifier, it turns vapor moisture into liquid. Due to this, the liquid needs a place to go. A good quality sump pump is usually needed to complete the process.

While any DIY homeowner can encapsulate a crawl space with the right tools and products, you must ensure the job is done correctly. If you feel you can’t, you should contact a professional.